Juniper Shampoo 10 x 100g Naked


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Juniper Goats Milk Shampoo Bar completely naked in a pack of 10.

Please note these will come wrapped collectively in a Greaseproof Wrapper in a Cardboard Box.

Contents 10 x 100g  Juniper Goats Milk Shampoo Bar

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One response to “Juniper Shampoo 10 x 100g Naked”

  1. Avatar for J. Campbell J. Campbell says:

    It’s a wonderful shampoo, that “trebles” in our household as shampoo, shower gel and hand-wash soap.

    For the first three weeks after converting from mainstream shampoos my hair didn’t feel quite right, but ever since (6 months and counting) it’s just as soft as it’s ever been, my scalp feels healthier, and any itches are distant memories.

    Same goes fur husband, whose skin also feels a lot less angry since we are using this.

    Thank you for a truly brilliant product.

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