Winter Trends

With temperatures dropping so drastically this month, it’s little surprise that knitwear – scarves, hats, and gloves – are all the rage for goats at the moment. An unexpected trend we’ve seen this month is the return of those furry Russian style trapper hats. After a certain goat pop singer was seen wearing one on Instagram, many other goats have snapped these up in a bid to get on the  bandwagon.

Urban, youthful goats have taken to wearing camouflage trousers this season, loose fitting and ideally paired with a pair of chunky boots. This is a nod to the styles that graced the raves and drum and bass parties of warehouses and barns throughout the 90s. If you’re, ahem, “down with the kids”, this is a look worth checking out.

Duffle coats have made one of their periodic returns, especially after a certain goat film star was spotted wearing one. Warm, hard-wearing and trendy, it’s not difficult to see why these are so popular. The one drawback of course is that goats can find it tricky to open and close the togs with their hooves, but since when did practical concerns get in the way of fashion imperatives?!

Looking at handbag trends for the season, it seems that smaller sized bags with that chic retro luggage aesthetic are particularly sought after by the discerning goat. They are easier to carry than their larger counterparts and, besides, goats don’t really have many personal belongings to lug around with them anyway really.