Your Questions – December 2021

Dear Agony Goat,

My goat brethren and I absolutely love to climb – we’ll clamber up on top of anything in sight, the higher the better. It’s so much fun and there’s a competitive aspect to it as well, as we love to show off and best one another. However, recently my human seemed very upset with us and we can’t work out why. We found this shiny metal structure with round rubber legs and, naturally, decided to have a contest to see who could get to the top of it the fastest. Our human was very ticked off. Did we do something wrong?


Remorseful Climber

Dear Remorseful Climber,

I believe I know what the issue is here. The climbing frame you used in this instance was actually something humans refer to as a car. The shiny paintwork you more than likely damaged with your hooves will actually be pretty expensive to get touched up, hence your human’s chagrin. Aside from issuing an extensive apology to your human, the best cause of action here is to try to avoid repeating this mistake in the future. Stick to obstacles for climbing placed for that purpose. Please also try to be careful not to injure yourself! I appreciate you are a consummate professional when it comes to climbing on top of things, but if your human is using upcyled objects as obstacles for you, try to be mindful of sharp edges and exposed nails. These could cause cuts and nasty infections! Play safe!


Agony Goat