Your November Horoscope


The investment-savvy goat should look at extending their stock portfolio this month; of particular interest is the new goat themed crypto coin.


It’s time to resolve that lingering workplace dispute. Tact and diplomacy should be used as necessary to bring about some peace and harmony in the office.


You should make some time for yourself to have some fun; why not book a weekend away somewhere you have always wanted to visit.


Your health and fitness regime has begun to slip lately, this is the month you should try to get back on track.


Bored of your job and contemplating a new venture? This is the month to get the ball rolling and to try and turn your passion into an income stream.


Be mindful of family relationships this month. This is a good time to extend an olive branch to a close friend or family member you may have not been seeing eye to eye with lately.


This is a good month to pick up a new hobby, whether it’s learning a language, a musical instrument or a new board game such as chess.


Fortune in the workplace awaits you this month with excellent chances for a promotion or a pay rise.


You need to communicate and assert your needs more clearly in your relationship. Otherwise you run the risk of growing apart from your other half.


This is a good time to embark on that renovation project in your home. Just be careful; don’t be afraid to seek professional assistance if you’re not sure what you’re doing!


A new love interest may sweep you off your feet, but be careful not to rush into anything too quickly.


This month you should reach out to that old friend who hasn’t been around in a while. Check in with them and make sure they’re okay.