Goats on Campus

A Californian high school has brought in a novel learning aid to help students taking agriculture classes. Southwest High School is now home to Nugget and Billy, two new baby goats who are intended to help students learn more about careers in agriculture whilst also teaching them about responsibility.

Nugget and Billy will be introduced into classrooms to offer interactive learning experiences for students. Many students have already volunteered to get involved in this project, with the unique opportunity to interact with live goats on campus capturing many an imagination. As well as teaching students responsibility and discipline, the project also helps them learn more about goats as well.

Southwest High School isn’t the first learning institute to introduce goats onto the campus. Varndean School in Brighton is renowned for its five pygmy goats – Alan, Angel, Annie, Bertie, and Ethel –  who were subject to a lot of press coverage, and even ended up on Good Morning Britain. Such is their level of fame, the goats even have their own Twitter account which has amassed thousands of followers.

As well as being educationally beneficial, having the students outside with the goats is also great for their mental health and offers something a bit different to keep students inspired and enthusiastic whilst they also learn more about goats and agriculture. It’s reported that students who previously didn’t enjoy attending school are now much happier with the presence of the goats and look forward to greeting them each morning.