Your October 2021 Horoscope


Opportunities abound in the workplace this month for the ambitious, career-minded goat. Just make sure to take some time for rest and relaxation too.


October will be a month for romantic leads if you’re a single goat. Goats in relationships should pay some extra attention to their better half and make sure that they don’t feel as if they’re being taken for granted.


Geminis can expect good health this month, especially those who have been suffering under chronic ailments. It’s also a month where you can expect to get ahead in the workplace.


October is the month to finally embark on that trip you’ve been planning. Excitement and adventure awaits!


This is a good month for health and fitness – stick to that healthy hay diet and make sure to get out into the yard for plenty of exercise.


A problem shared is a problem halved – it’s important that you open up and communicate rather than letting things build up and get you down.


Libras should explore a new hobby this month, whether it’s picking up a musical instrument, learning a new language, learning some new recipes, or taking up a spot of gardening. 


Don’t let family relationships fall to the wayside this month. Check up on old friends you haven’t heard from in a while as well.


Prosperity in the workplace awaits this month. Self-employed goats will find new opportunities and business leads.


Single goats shouldn’t rush into any new relationships this month – take some time to get to know new love interests before taking a plunge.


After a run of bad luck in work and relationships, Aquarius can finally enjoy some good luck this month. Don’t be afraid to chase up new opportunities.


This will be a good month financially, but be careful not to neglect your relationship. Married goats may find that they need to make some compromises.