Autumn Trends

With the autumn season upon us, fashion-conscious goats around the planet will be contemplating which items to add to their wardrobe to remain on trend. With this in mind, we thought we’d take a look at some of the must-have clothing and accessories for Autumn ’21.

Plaid shirts are back (did they ever really go away?) as part of a general 90s revival. Neutral tones are the order of the day – think burgundy or mustard – whilst checker patterns shouldn’t be overly complex. This trend applies to male and female goats alike.

You heard it here first – scarves on goats are going to be massive this autumn. We’re already seeing lots of goats bundled up in woolly warm scarves. Aside from being very chic, this is also a practical trend as we enter into the chillier months of the year.

How about footwear? Doc Martens look like they’re going to be popular for goats this autumn, keeping those hooves warm and dry in style. Don’t be afraid to try out unusual colourways!

I can’t believe we have to spell this out, but skinny jeans are finished. Not only are they considered passé by style-conscious goats, they’re also incredibly impractical, especially for mountain dwelling goats who need to remain agile whilst scaling sheer drops. This season we’re seeing a return to 90s inspired baggier trousers such as oversized denim and camouflage combat pants.

Make sure to stay tuned – next month we’ll be delving deeper into the latest autumn/winter fashion fads for the hippest and most discerning goats.