Your Questions

Dear Agony Goat,

I have a yard I like to frolic around in; I enjoy the fresh air and exercise, especially whilst the weather is still reasonably mild. The other thing I really like to do whilst wandering around my yard is to nibble on the various plants and flowers growing throughout, however lately they have began to smell and taste terribly bad! It’s put quite a dampener on the time I spend there. Could you give any idea why this is happening?


Frustrated Grazer

Dear Frustrated Grazer,

I can appreciate this may seem like quite a challenging situation for you, but please understand it from the perspective of your human. You see, the human owner of the yard would prefer it if you didn’t nibble on their plants and flowers and, to this end, they have likely taken precautions to try to prevent you from doing this. For example, they may have applied dung to the leaves to make them less appealing to you!

Just try to be grateful that they aren’t setting up electric fences or other harsher deterrents. Your human should be providing you all the free hay you need in your pen, so there’s no excuse for gobbling up their precious plants and flowers. I appreciate a diet of hay alone may seem pretty bland; have you ever thought of trying out some different seasonings or maybe mix it up with some eclectic hay salad recipes?

Best of luck!

Agony Goat