Your September 2021 Horoscope


Married goats are holding their partners to a high standard this month, whereas singles will be open to lots of opportunities for love. Family life may be strained this month – make sure to give mum and dad time off from the kids in order to maintain peace all round. 


Kids will thrive in their activities this month, so keep them busy and entertained and you’ll be surprised at what they can achieve! There are monetary and promotional rewards in sight for career driven goats, provided they can keep their head in the game. 


Couples will benefit from supporting each other this month, and you’ll notice single goats without much of a love interest this month. Travel activities can prove beneficial, so give your goats the freedom to go out and explore the world around them. 


Remind your single goats that they need to get to know their potential partners before making any moves – it will pay off in the long run. Health prospects look good for all Cancerian goats this month, but career-driven goats will find themselves facing several hurdles. 


Family life will be blissful and peaceful this month, with both halves of a couple feeling very in tune with each other. Career professionals will advance in their careers this month, but remind them that all work and no play doesn’t make for a happy goat. 


Love prospects will make themselves known to Virgos this month, and single goats will be spoilt for choice. Children won’t have a great month, keep them supported and loved and they’ll be okay. If your goat is a professional, remind them to wait before making any big decisions. 


Libras are in for a good month, with married and family life remaining peaceful, and health prospects looking excellent. Business and career options are also looking good this month. Tell your Libras that this is their time to start making moves. 


A few compromises in married life will go a long way this month, whereas the last week of the month is the one single goats should watch out for. Finances will be good this month, as long as everyone is sensible and looks after it. 


The first fortnight may prove a rocky time for married goat couples, plenty of external support is needed to ensure they get through. Health will be excellent this month, especially for those who have been suffering with chronic aches and pains.


Similar to any Sagittarius goats, Capricorns will face adversity in their relationship during the first fortnight, which will settle down after that. Business goats will get plenty of opportunities to expand their business and bring in more growth. 


Love and harmony awaits any Aquarius’ this month. Friend and family activities will be aplenty, and it will improve relationships and moods. Don’t be surprised if your Aquarius goats seem optimistic this month – the planets are favouring them. 


Good communication with partners, friends, family and coworkers is essential this month if the Pisces goat wishes to avoid being misunderstood. It’s crucial for them to maintain their fitness by partaking in regular exercise.