Goat Fashion – Hiking Boots

For the fashion conscious goat, what’s next on this year’s hot list is highly important. We’re pleased to report to you that this summer’s latest new trend for goats is none other than hiking boots!

That’s right, you heard it here first – hiking boots are the newest trend, taking the goat world by storm! There was a time when goats just walked around and hiked barefoot (or should that be barehooved?) For the longest time, goats were expected to walk around the mountains and hills they live in, with nothing to protect them from the elements.

Well now that hiking boots are in fashion, goats can traverse even the rockiest cliff face without fear of injury. The hiking boots that you’ll see goats wear this summer are sturdy and strong, with excellent ankle support. This is very important to a goat looking to climb some difficult terrain, as they have very thin ankles, which could so easily break if not supported properly. This season’s boots will have your goat’s ankles protected nicely too!

For those wondering about colours, you’ll be pleased to know that most things go when it comes to boots. For this season, it seems to be less about the colour or style, and more about the comfort and sturdiness. And we couldn’t be happier about that! Who wants to look good but feel awful? Fortunately, hiking boots seem to be hitting both marks this year.

When choosing a suitable hiking boot for your goat, you need to make sure that you’re choosing one with a thick, rugged sole. This is to make sure that the goat’s are protected from the rugged terrain that they’ll be covering – things such as stones and jagged cliff edges. If your goat were to slip, these are things that can really injure them. So ensuring a thick sole will prevent this from happening.

But what to wear it with? This season, goats can choose to wear their hiking boots with their knitwear, scarves, and other accessories. Or they can choose to just wear the boot – making them the centrepiece of the outfit and a real statement.

If they really want to make a statement, they could try pairing their boots with a nice and stylish waterproof – further protecting them from the elements. A scarf also works well for completing the outfit and protecting the goats. The thing to remember here is that hiking boots are quite bulky, so when planning your outfit around them, make sure to try and balance the silhouette by putting any other accessories or items of clothing more towards the top end of the body.

Stylish and comfy – what more could a goat ask for?