Your August 2021 Horoscope


The full moon in Aquarius gives your Aries goats a love boost, this month. For these goats, a lot of changes are in the works, so make sure they’re prepared to be flexible. Give your goats the tools to adapt to these changes and it will bring them exciting new opportunities.


Uranus is in retrograde this month, which will affect your Taurus goats even more than usual. The changes these goats have experienced have taken their toll, but good changes are just around the corner. Give your goats the time to talk about what’s important to them and they’ll soon bounce back.


Unfortunately, Gemini goats will have a harder time being happy this month but worry not. These goats have had a good year, and now is the time for them to reflect and take a step back. Ensure that they’re supported and they’ll through it just fine.


Goats under the cancer sign will experience a month full of romance and excitement – for both single and married goats. However, goats with professional aspirations are in for a tough time. They’ll need to spend some time reassessing what they want from their careers.


Leo goats are known for their egos, but this month they’ll have to reign it in if they want to remain blissful in their relationships. Unlike goats under the Cancer sign, professional Leos will be handed some opportunities for advancement in their careers.


The outlook for Virgo goats isn’t that rosy this month, the family atmosphere will be tense and there will be little to no chance for career growth. However, for those goats who are looking for love, August will be a good month. Remind them to have fun, and love will follow.


Career-driven goats will have a prosperous month, with lots of opportunity for advancement. For those goats who are married, encourage them to explore more variety in their relationship. They’re never too old to try something new.


Scorpio couples will have an excellent month for romance, with the possibility for pregnancy. Single goats will find themselves being charming without even trying. Money will not be an issue, and all will be well in the goat families.


Love is flowing for single goats this month, though married couples will have to adapt if they want to avoid conflict. Encourage your goats to travel, as these experiences could bring provide opportunities for money.


Professional goats will struggle this month, and work will seem very hard. But with support and love they’ll be okay. Remind them to communicate with their spouses if they want to help marital harmony, and everything within the family will be content.


Aquarius’ have faced a few rough patches recently, but married couples will experience effortless bliss in August. Career growth looks promising for professionals, but there won’t be a lot of opportunities for money making.


Single goats will find themselves with lots of potential romantic partners, but they have to remember to listen to people if they want this to go further. But, there isn’t a lot of room for business advancements and there will be some conflict in the family this month.