Goats on Film

No, you’re not mishearing a Duran Duran song, we are here to talk to you about goats that have made the big time.

Yes, being able to scale a mountain like it’s nothing is apparently a huge deal in Hollywood. Okay, well maybe not, but these goats are making it big for a reason. They are intelligent and naturally curious creatures – maybe they’re also really good at remembering lines?

Mr Tumnus (The Chronicles of Narnia)

What kind of list featuring famous goats would be complete without Mr Tumnus from The Chronicles of Narnia. Although portrayed by James McAvoy (who isn’t an actual goat), Mr Tumnus kicks off this list by giving goats a good name.

From his kindness to the children, especially Lucy (who he decides against kidnapping, because even the thought makes him feel awful) to his humour and iconic scarf. Mr Tumnus is definitely one of the greatest movie goats of all time. The GOAT of goats?

The Cart-Drawing Goats (Stardust)

Another magical tale on the list, 2007’s Stardust was jam-packed with, uh, stars. From Robert De Niro to Michelle Pfeiffer, this was a memorable movie in goat history. The goats in question are a boy and his goat, who are required to pull along a witch’s cart. The witch turns the boy into a goat, and has them both pull her along, like horses.

The goats in this movie steal the show (perhaps only topped by De Niro’s pirate can-can while enemies are attacking his ship). And they get happy (ish) endings. Once she’s reached where she wants to go, the witch turns the goat into a real boy, and the boy into a real… girl. The real goat, named Billy, unfortunately does not take to being human naturally, and ends up headbutting a giant unicorn towards the end of the film. Mark Williams plays the human-version of the goat, complete with little beard.

City College’s Mascot (Community)

If, like many others, you’ve recently discovered the genius that is Community on Netflix, you may already be aware of what we’re talking about. One of the protagonists in this ensemble sitcom wants to live a typical and cliched college experience. This includes stealing their rival school’s mascot who is, you guessed it, a goat. Named Billy.

This wonderful white goat gets to take part in the group’s study session, replacing cranky, old racist Pierce (Chevy Chase). Unfortunately, after some drama which ended with the group needing an ‘escape-goat’, Billy goes back to his home at City College. Boo. Or should that be ‘baa’?

Pan (Pan’s Labyrinth)

Although the namesake in Pan’s Labyrinth is technically a goat, it doesn’t quite fill you with the same feeling as seeing a real goat. But we had to include him in this list because he might possibly be one of the more famous goats on the silver screen.

He never actually harms Ofelia (the protagonist) but everything about him is a little weird from his giant horns, milky eyes, and menacing gait. We’re not sure about him representing the goat community, but any press is good press, right?

Unamed (Jurassic Park)

We couldn’t round off this list until we mentioned possibly the first goat to make it onto our screens. And not just any goat, this little guy sacrifices himself for the greater good of the film.

It’s clear from the moment we see this fella what fate awaits him, but the suspense and the drama in that scene are some of the greatest goat acting we’ve ever seen. If it weren’t for him, the T-Rex might have gone after the kids more and succeeded in eating them. This poor, unnamed goat deserves far more credit than he gets – a name at the very least!