How to Care For the Skin around the Eye

Beauty trends have evolved over the years. One of the beauty trends for this year is colourful eye and how to care for the skin around the eyes.  Our eyes are one of the visible facial features with the constant use of face mask in recent times. Taking good care of the skin around the eyes is an adaptation to boost our wellbeing during this time.

The skins around our eyes are the most sensitive and thinnest parts of our body. Our eyes are the first facial feature to reveal signs of ageing like wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles etc. But, there is no reason to dread wrinkles are part of getting older. According to research, the eyes are prone to wrinkles, fine lines, dryness and droopiness, because the skin surrounding the eyes have less collagen and oil glands unlike the rest of the face and body.

Your eyes require special care to lessen fine lines, dark circles, droopiness etc. It is crucial to take preventive measures and have an eye care routine. Here are tips on how to care for the skin around your eye:

Use Eye cream specifically formulated for Your Eyes

The skin around your eyes is sensitive and thin, making it prone to dryness and irritation. The regular facial moisturizer is not recommended as some of them contain irritants that are harsh for your fragile eye skin. Doctors recommend eye cream or serum formulated for the skin around the eye. Eye creams contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid to deliver hydration and reduce the risk of irritation.


Demonologist recommends the best way to apply skincare around your eye is by patting the product onto the area. Your eye area is tender and needs to be handled with extra tenderness. Do not rub the skin surrounding the eye, pat your eye area with your pinky to reduce the force of pulling the skin. Always remember your eye area is extra sensitive that you don’t want to damage it with pressure.

Makeup Removal Process

 Most people tuggle at their eye area when removing their make up. As you now know that the eye area is sensitive, it is time to find a new method. The best method is to be gentle:

 The first step– hold a soft cotton pad soaked with alcohol-free makeup remover over your closed for a few seconds

 The second step– gently drag the cotton pad in a circular motion over your closed eyes do not wipe excessively or apply pressure or tug. Or before applying the cotton pad makeup remover, you can apply coconut oil over the area to break down the makeup. 

Protect the EYE Area with SPF

It is time to start protecting your eye area from the sun’s harmful ray. Many eye creams are available in the market that contains SPF to protect the eye area.

Treat Eye Concerns

The area around the eyes is more likely to show signs of ageing like dark circles, puffiness and more. Visit your dermatologist when your notice any unusual changes around your eyes area. They understand and know how to handle each case uniquely.