More goat-tastic facts

The usage of goats has been a turning point in the development of the farming industry, they have provided many vital services to humans. The goats as a large and fascinating species have continued to forward our development in many areas including health and agriculture for many millennia.

In this article you will hear about how goats have aided us over time and other fascinating facts about these fantastic mammals.

Some of their many benefits include their milk production which contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals which are great for humans externally and internally. Their milk when ingested is better for blood pressure than its cow counterpart, it is also lower in both lactose and cholesterol making it beneficial for those who are lactose intolerant. Although different from cow’s milk, goat’s milk is also high in calcium which is important for bone strength.

When it comes to skin care goats’ milk is beneficial for those who are prone to break-outs as it does not clog the pores. It is also a natural moisturiser which keeps the skin feeling soft and energised, goat’s milk is also high in lactic acid which is good for helping to shed dead skin cells.

Goats are not just used for their milk as the angora goat is sheared for its wool, this is known as mohair which can be used for clothing or for rugs. The angora can produce as much as seven kilograms of wool per year, but as the angora ages its hair becomes coarser, thicker, and less valuable. Mohair wool is more expensive than its sheep counterpart as the process of turning the fibres into wool is more involved and it is known as a luxury wool.

Goats are sociable creatures and require companionship, if they are separated or isolated from these companions, they will begin showing signs of depression, these signs include rapid breathing, fevers or nasal discharge. Stress in goats is a real issue and the easiest way to reduce it is for goats to have access to companions and to be with company.

Goats are a high maintenance animal meaning they take a lot of time and effort to look after effectively. With these sorts of animals, it is especially important to ensure they are adequately looked after, and their needs are met, or they can develop a range of issues. To keep your goat healthy and to prevent further issues down the line they require appropriate nutrition, adequate room to exercise, also goats are known to be escape artists, so it is important that something is put in place to minimise that risk.

The purposes of these mammals have greatly stayed the same over the years, but it is very important to our development as a species. They have provided us a plethora of benefits and will continue to provide them for millennia to come so it is important that we learn about how to look after them, so we can guarantee their help for years to come.