Eight useful minerals and spices for healthier skin

If you are looking for a healthier glowing skin, you haven’t got far to look as historically many spices and minerals have been documented to have a plethora of benefits which I will detail below.

Some of the spices are:

  • Fennel which naturally helps to fight against irritation and redness of the skin, it can also be used to improve bone health surprisingly, which means it can help maintain and build up bone strength.
  • Ginger which helps to make skin look more radiant and refreshed, it also  gives the skin a natural glow. Other benefits of ginger include reduced nauseousness, it is also packed with antioxidants which help to prevent stress and damage to your bodies DNA.
  • Nutmeg which naturally works as an antioxidant and anti ager making your skin look and feel younger. It also works to relieve pain in the body, as well as improve the body’s immune system function.  
  • Cumin acts as a great way to prevent premature aging much like nutmeg, meaning it makes your skin appear less wrinkled and healthier. Other benefits of cumin are its ability to help aid in weight loss, it also works to battle inflammation and infection.
  • Curcumin otherwise known as turmeric is a great source of antioxidants and inflammatory, it works to naturally revive the skin giving it a healthy glow. Other benefits include being documented to battle symptoms of depression, arthritis and may be able to prevent such diseases as heart disease.

Some of the minerals are:

  • Zinc helps to revive and rejuvenate dry and itchy skin, it also is an effective natural sunscreen and is documented to help with acne flare ups. Zinc works by lessening the formation of harmful free radicals and protects the fat cells which produce collagen. Zinc also helps to rejuvenate the skin when it is subjected to harmful light and pollution.
  • Copper is a mineral which helps the skin to produce collagen and elastin, this is important to skin health and is documented to have anti aging effects as well as reducing visible wrinkles making skin look younger. Copper is traditionally used in skin products and products designed to come into contact with the skin because it has really positive effects when used in this way, such as the mentioned anti aging abilities.
  • Selenium is used to treat redness and irritation of the skin, it also has notable anti-aging properties unlike other minerals it works to neutralise the harmful free radicals and skin-damaging compounds before they can lead to the appearance of wrinkles.  Selenium also works to reduce sensitivity within the skin making it less prone to irritation.

To summarize skin is something we all strive to look after and finding a natural solution to any issues which may flare up is the choice that some people choose, so making an informed decision is important to work out what your needs are and how you can take care of them. The minerals and spices I have listed have each got their benefits to make your skin look healthier and glowing this year.