The benefits of Cinnamon in the January detox

2020 was a hell of a year for most people, so this year you can give yourself the gift of self love. Time to relax and rejuvenate, in fact certain minerals and spices may help in this process such as cinnamon. You may not know what a detox is now but for most people it is what they need to kick off a great year and feel the best they can be.

This January you may benefit from a detox; a detox is a process in which you take time away from unhealthy substances to allow your body to recover, the spice cinnamon has many documented benefits which may aid you with your body’s recovery this January.

Some benefits of cinnamon include:

  • Cinnamon is a natural antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial which means it can help your body fight against infection, which is incredibly useful if you are looking to detox this January.
  • It is also documented as a great anti inflammatory meaning if you are dealing with any inflamed tissue or muscle it will help to relieve the pressure and reduce the inflammation in the affected area.
  • Helps to naturally improve health in the gut by reducing levels of carbon dioxide which helps to aid digestion. 
  • Is documented to lower blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels which allows blood to more easily move around the body.

You can encourage cinnamon into your body routine either through the products you use or through your diet, some studies have stated that cinnamon can help to dry out the skin in moderation, which can help with acne prone skin, if that is something you struggle with then this might work for you. Cinnamon as previously stated also has a plethora of benefits which work when used within your diet such as the improved gut health.

You may still be asking how will this help in my detox attempt – well with the benefits I have provided you can begin to make informed decisions about making a health routine which works for you, each person will require a different routine so keep in mind that certain minerals or spices may not be what you need and in fact you have other problems or conditions which could be reduced with a different solution. Cinnamon is particularly good when dealing with the internal side of your body, so that means if you are after something which is better for skin care you may want to read an article or look into purchasing products which are more specialized for the skin such as the minerals zinc, copper and selenium.

If you are interested in including cinnamon as part of your detox or diet you can either find it at any spice supplier or The Little Goat Soap Company, has a number of bars which include this amazing anti-oxidant. It is important before making any drastic health changes to either contact a doctor or to do thorough research to check if this may help aid you.