Honey for Acne

Honey provides us with lots of benefits. Benefits that can be felt throughout our body. One particular area of our body that it can help is our face. Here are some benefits of using honey on your face and how to go about using it.

Beneficial For Acne

Honey is made up of a high amount of glucuronic acid that is converted to glucose oxidase. This could be one of the beneficial reasons for using honey on the skin. Whilst on the skin the oxidase is converted to hydrogen peroxide. The interesting thing about this is that Hydrogen peroxide functions similarly to other acne treatments, such as benzoyl peroxide.

Perhaps these calming properties occur because of the substances’ mix of peptides antioxidants, vitamin B, fatty acids and amino acids. It is when the honey is applied to your face these components can have a calming effect on the skin and help reduce redness.

Just keep in mind that more research is needed for a more conclusive understanding, but there are some promising possibilities.

The Best Type of Acne Blemishes to Treat Honey With

It seems that the best method for using honey to treat acne is to target the red, inflamed blemishes. Instead of cleaning out the pores to remove dirt and impurities, honey can draw out excess water. If an area doesn’t have an opening on the surface of the skin, honey could be ideal, targeting the more deep-rooted spots.

How to Apply It

You could apply the honey to an individual blemish using a Q-tip. However, if you are wanting to cover a larger area of the face then a paste will be better suited. Or consider a face-mask. But remember, always do a patch test first on a small area of the skin. This is just to make sure you don’t experience an allergic reaction. If you do go for a mask, you need to let it sit on your face for around 10 minutes. After that, rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Honey is very sticky, so if you want something a little less so, mix the honey with other ingredients such as oats, brown sugar, yoghurt, mashed bananas and cinnamon. You might like to follow this up with some moisturiser, sunscreen or toner.

Are There Any Negative Side Effects?

Although there are the potential benefits you should always be aware of any potential side effects. Honey as treatment may not be suitable for everyone, as each person has a different skin type. If you have sensitive skin, it may become irritated by honey. And of course, some people are allergic to honey so even a very small amount in treatment could cause an adverse reaction which includes the possibility of a rash or hives. Also, keep in mind that it is not a suitable option for those choosing a vegan lifestyle as it is counted as a by-product of bees.

Honey will likely have benefits for the skin, providing you don’t have too sensitive skin or any other condition that may affect it’s effectiveness.