How to use sweet orange oil & its benefits

Sweet orange oil is one of the essential oils, produced from citrus fruit-as you probably guessed, oranges. Orange essential oil is extracted from the rind. According to research, orange essential oil may carry some health benefits:

 Insecticide activity

It has been found that through either contact or fumigation, orange essential oil has insecticidal properties. There was a 2012 study which examined the effect of orange essential oil on E.coli isolates obtained from beef. These isolates can cause food poisoning. After 24 hours a 1% or even lower concentration of orange essential oil inhibited the bacteria at refrigeration temperatures. It seems that orange essential oil could be effective at stopping the growth of some types of bacteria and fungi.

Pain relief

Some small studies that have been conducted have shown that using orange essential oil topically or as part of aromatherapy may help with short-term pain.

Anticancer and antioxidant activity

Studies have shown that orange essential oil or its components can inhibit the growth as well as lead to cell death in some cultured cancer cell lines. But it needs to be noted that these studies were done in test tubes and not using the human body, so further research is needed.

Weight loss

A study on rats looked to find if orange essential oil could promote weight loss. It was found that obese rats that were fed capsules of orange essential oil showed a reduction in weight gain and had cholesterol rates lowered. However, more studies need to be conducted to see if the same replies would apply to humans.


Research found that a selection of people who inhaled orange essential oil had a significant decrease in running times as well as an increase in lung function. This was only a small-sized study, so more research should be conducted for more concrete results.

How to use sweet orange oil

So you have read about some of its benefits, but how would you go about using sweet orange oil?


Sweet orange is often an ingredient used in diffusers. It has a pleasing smell to fill a room with, and one that some may find calming.


One might use an orange essential oil spray as a natural cleaner or spray a scent into an area.

Massage oil

If you are wanting to use sweet oil as a method of reducing pain or inflammation you could use massage oil that is infused with the ingredient. People suffering from conditions including arthritis sometimes find relief is from pain occurs through the use of massage products that are made with essential oils such as sweet orange.

As you can see, there are some promising benefits of using sweet orange oil. Just make sure to carefully follow all safety advice with whichever method you use to apply the ingredient either to your body where applicable, or a space within your home.

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