Five health benefits of Neroli oil

Neroli oil is an essential oil which is extracted from the flowers of bitter orange trees, The method used for the extraction is known as steam distillation. You may also see neroli oil listed as “orange blossom oil”.

This oil has a rich, floral scent with citrusy overtones. It can be found in many scented products such as popular perfumes and even hand soaps (liquid and solid varieties). Many people find its sweet, fruity scent to be an appealing one to use as part of a cosmetic product. But, as well as this attractive factor, there is also evidence to suggest it may carry certain health benefits, 5 of which we will look into in this article.

For Skin

Neroli oil may offer benefits for various skin conditions. Several smaller-scale studies have revealed neroli to have antimicrobial, antifungal and antioxidant properties which could help the reduction of acne breakouts and skin irritation. You can find neroli as an active ingredient in many mainstream health and beauty products as well as in those produced by independent companies. Most commonly, skin-based products will be sold as a cream which you rub onto your skin, but mists are also fairly common-these are sprayed onto the skin.

For Seizures

An animal study found that neroli oil has active components which potentially could be beneficial for reducing seizures and convulsions. These components are linalool, linalyl acetate, nerolidol(E, E)-farnesol, α-terpineol and limonene.

For High Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate

Inhaling neroli oil may have the effect of lowering blood pressure, by reducing cortisol-a stress hormone. Along with this, its limonene content could also have a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system which controls breathing and heartbeat. Currently, there have been no studies to further explore this effect.

For Inflammation

Neroli has anti-inflammatory properties which means it could be beneficial for the treatment of inflammation. When used as a skin treatment it could reduce inflammation as well as irritation. It may have a positive impact on inflammatory responses within organs, too.

Interestingly, an article in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reported that neroli oil could have significant potential benefits as a treatment for inflammatory-associated diseases if it was manufactured as a food product.

For Stress and Anxiety

Inhaling neroli oil may help reduce stress, anxiety and anxiety-induced depression. The theory behind this is that when neroli oil is inhaled it might help the brain to release serotonin, reducing levels of cortisol which is a stress hormone. This method of body therapy is known as inhalation aromatherapy.

Neroli oil is a promising prospect from a health perspective, and in this article, we have outlined just 5 of its promising benefits. For those interested in natural ways to boost their health, or help remedy certain conditions, neroli oil is worth considering and exploring in greater detail.

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