Five benefits of Castor oil

You might be familiar with castor oil, it is not one of the most common known oils, but it does still receive a fair amount of mainstream use. But did you know of its potential benefits for your body?

Dry skin

It is believed that dry skin could be well treated by Castor oil. This type of oil has exfoliating properties which can be used to provide a remedy to scaly underfoot, dry palms and dry skin in general. Some people suffer from an ailment named Atopic Dermatitis, a dry skin disease, and experts believed Castor could could help with the condition.

Treat wrinkles

The buzz around Castor oil treating wrinkles is very high. Castor oil boosts the production of collagen which results in skin tightening. The process sees the oil softening and smoothing the skin, causing rejuvenation that can result in a younger appearance.

Clears acne

If you apply Castor oil onto your skin it can help to restore its natural moisture balance, experts have claimed. The recommended method is to apply Castor oil gently onto your face, massaging it in using circular motions, leaving it overnight and washing it off in the morning.

Helps keep hair healthy

According to dermatologists such as Dr Deepali Bhardwaj, Castor oil is the best oil to enrich the scalp. This is because it contains ricinoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids, which when massaged onto the scalp, helps to increase the blood circulation which in turn helps improve hair growth. This can be a good way to leave yourself with healthier and more shiny hair.

Can prevent hair fall

One of the common problems faced by many across the world is hair fall. A possible remedy is to massage your scalp with Castor oil which is said to help make the roots stronger and prevent hair fall as a result. You see, it has the ability to trigger hair growth as well as stimulate it, from dormant follicles. A person can apply Castor oil once a week with a solution that has been mixed with methi or fenugreek seed powder, using it as if it were a hair mask.

We hope you have found these benefits of Castor oil tips helpful. These particular pointers are helpful to the skin and hair but other people may find additional benefits in the use of the oil which is well worth exploring.