Five benefits of Tea Tree oil

In this article, we are going to be looking at tea tree oil – an essential oil that has multiple common uses. It has scientifically-backed benefits that are well worth exploring in more detail. Here are 5 of those potential benefits:

Can Be Used As a Hand Sanitiser

We are using hand sanitisers more than ever, and some people find the alcohol solutions cause undesired effects on their skin such as rawness. Of course, to keep clean, these solutions are very important, but tea tree oil makes an ideal hand sanitiser alternative. Studies have shown it kills several common bacteria as well as viruses that are responsible for causing illnesses, which include E. coli, S. pneumoniae and H. influenza.

Could Be Used As a Natural Deodorant

Some people are looking for an alternative deodorant that is more natural than the mainstream brands. It is thought that tea tree oil’s antibacterial effects could help control underarm odour, which is connected to perspiration.

When secretions from your sweat glands combine with bacteria on the skin, an odour is produced. The underarm area has a particularly large concentration of these glands and is the main area of the body responsible for what people describe as “body odour.” It is hoped that tea tree oil’s bacteria-fighting properties make it a natural alternative to commercial deodorants.

Insect Repellent

It is also thought that tea tree oil may help to keep insects away. One study that points to positive results noted how 24 hours after being treated with tea tree oil, cows had 61% fewer flies on them than the ones that had not been treated with tea tree oil.

Fights Acne

Several studies have pointed towards tea tree oil being a strong fighter against acne. It seems it can help reduce the amount and severity of acne.

A study found that applying a 5% tea tree gel to acne lesions was over 3 times more effective at reducing the number of lesions than the placebo was. It was also nearly 6 times as effective in managing to reduce the severity of the acne.

Acts As a Chemical-Free Mouthwash

If you are wanting a natural mouthwash that lacks a lot of the chemicals the items on the supermarket shelves contain, consider a tea tree-based mouthwash. Research has found that tea tree oil may fight germs that cause tooth decay and bad breath.

Several studies have been made to research this further, with one finding that tea tree oil was more effective against plaque-causing bacteria than chlorhexidine, which is a disinfectant and oral rinse commonly found in mouthwash products. As an extra plus point, many people may find they prefer the more subtle taste of a tea tree-based formula.

And there we have it, a roundup of 5 benefits provided by tea tree. This is a natural essential oil that carries plenty of benefits, and it is worth considering increasing your usage of it, especially if you are trying to use products that are more natural-based than the shop bought ones, which are full of chemicals.

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