5 More Benefits of Goats Milk For Your Body

Less Alpha-S1-casein 
According to research, the reason some people have an intolerance of cow’s milk is often due to the proteins, such as Alpha S1-casein. Goat’s milk is a source of high-quality protein that provides nearly 6g per 200ml serving but it contains a much lower level of Alpha-S1-casein then most other cow’s milk options. This is one of the reasons some people can drink goat’s milk but not cow’s milk. Goat’s milk can be better for some peoples bodies, however, just note it is not recommended for anyone who has been diagnosed with a cow’s milk allergy. This is because some of the proteins in goat’s milk are very similar to those found in cow’s milk and they may cause reactivity.

Lower in Lactose
Goat’s milk is still not recommended for anyone who has been diagnosed with lactose intolerance. Having said this, milk from goat’s does typically contain a slightly lower level of lactose. So you should consult your GP or another health professional before adding goat’s milk to your diet if you do suffer sensitivity to lactose, but some sufferers do find they are OK to drink goat’s milk without any resulting issues. 

Different proteins and fats
By drinking goat’s milk, you can supply your body with some different proteins and fats than those associated with cow’s milk. The difference is that the fat globules found in goat’s milk are naturally smaller in size. Then, looking at protein, the composition of goat’s milk allows for a softer curd, something which could assist with your bodies digestive system.

Blood Pressure Benefits 
Dairy products such as goat’s milk are a source of calcium and potassium which can help lower blood pressure. You could reap these benefits by consuming goat’s milk as it naturally comes, or by eating yoghurts or cheese made from the milk. Those that suffer from high blood pressure issues may find goat’s milk to be a welcome alternative to cow’s milk, and of course, you can further make it even more blood-pressure-friendly by drinking the lighter versions such as the skimmed option.

For Your Skin
For most of this article, we have focused on consuming goat’s milk and the benefits that it can have on your body. But there are several other ways in which the body can receive benefits from goat’s milk and an example of this is through the use of products such as moisturiser, that has been made with goat’s milk. It seems that goat’s milk has positive benefits for your skin, helping to keep it soft and healthy. Goat’s milk contains high levels of lactic acid which can push your skin to shed its dead cells, resulting in a brighter complexion.

So we hope you have enjoyed our look at the benefits of goat’s milk for your body and if you are not usually someone who uses goat’s milk products, perhaps now you will be motivated to give them a try!