5 Benefits of Goat’s Milk for your Body

We are often hearing about superfoods, goat’s milk is a very early example of one. It is milk containing many, often overlooked, health benefits and it’s very good for your body. Let us look at 5 ways that goat’s milk can benefit your body.    

A Great Source of Vitamins
A serving of goat’s milk (typically a 200ml glass) provides 14% of the NRV (Nutrient Reference Value) for vitamin B5, which helps produce energy and reduce tiredness as well as fatigue. A serving also contains 12% of biotin, a B vitamin that helps maintain a healthy nervous system and looks after your skin and hair. You will also get a good 11% of the NRV of vitamin A, which is needed for healthy skin and vision.

More Essential Minerals
The goodness keeps on coming with goat’s milk; it offers more than one-quarter of the NRV for phosphorus, which helps to build and maintain strong bones and teeth. It also helps to release energy from food. 

With goat’s milk, you can also meet your daily iodine needs; iodine is important to produce thyroid hormones such as thyroxine, which keeps the metabolism healthy. Furthermore, this natural drink provides 17% of the NRV for potassium, which is essential for your nerves and muscles, helping them to function as they should. Another bonus is that the levels of potassium contained in goat’s milk will help to keep your blood pressure under control. Finally, goat’s milk is also a source of chloride, giving 38% of the NRV per 200ml, which will help with healthy digestion.

Of course, cow’s milk has its benefits, but there are some areas where goat’s milk beats it in terms of nutrient values. For example, this type of milk has more oligosaccharides (non-digestible carbohydrates) than cow’s milk, which is actually a similar amount to what is found in breast milk. It is believed that these non-digestible carbohydrates could act as prebiotics in the gut, helping to maintain the health of the digestive tract and gut microbiome, due to it encouraging the growth of beneficial gut bacteria (that is the good kind of bacteria that we want in our bodies!)

A Great Amount of Calcium
We tend to associate cow’s milk with being a good source of calcium, but did you know that goat’s milk can provide more than 100% of an adult’s daily calcium recommendation in just three 200ml servings? This is great news for your body, as calcium is very important for the continued development of bones and teeth as well as helping to maintain them. Furthermore, it also helps support normal muscle function and blood clotting as well as assisting in energy production.

Naturally Low in Cholesterol

If you want to consume products with less cholesterol, goat’s milk is naturally lower in cholesterol than cow’s milk. This is, of course, helpful for those following a low cholesterol diet. Drinking goat’s milk can definitely have some great effects on our bodies. And you can still receive many of these great benefits by consuming other products that contain goat’s milk such as cheese and yoghurt. Goat’s milk has an abundance of health benefits and many people find that they love the taste too!

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