The Surprising Benefits of Goats Milk Soap

The increased use of goats milk soap is an interesting one. It is only more recently it has begun to gain popularity, however, if you look back through history, in the world of soap and other cosmetics, its use has been popular for thousands of years.

Soap is made from a process called saponification which involves mixing acid (fats and oils) with a base called lye. Now, lye is made by combining water and sodium hydroxide. However, goat’s milk soap is made by replacing the water with goat’s milk which results in a creamier consistency thanks to the naturally occurring fats found in milk. With that explained, let’s look at some of the potential benefits of goats milk soap:

May Prevent Acne

Okay, so this one has to contain a ‘may’ as it can not be guaranteed at this stage, but looking at the science it definitely seems plausible. Lactic acid is a natural exfoliant that is able to gently remove dead skin cells, a process which will help prevent acne by keeping pores dirt-free, as well as holding them clear of oil and excess sebum. And guess what? Goat milk soap has lactic acid content hence this possible acne preventing benefit.

Rich in nutrients

The skin membrane is made up partly of fatty acids and cholesterol, something that goat milk happens to be rich in. If your skin is lacking these components you can suffer from dryness and irritation, so using goats milk soap instead of your regular choice may be helpful.

A More ‘Kinder’ Cleanser

These days, in general, we are a lot more conscious of what a product could be doing to our bodies, something that especially applies to skin products, with a lot of shoppers trying to avoid mainstream soap brands who’s soaps may be loaded with harsh surfactants that could strip the skin of its natural moisture and oils, resulting in skin that is dry and tight. This is not an issue when it comes to goats milk soap that helps to maintain your skin’s natural moisturisers and oils.

May Help Improve Dry Skin

The reason people suffer from dry skin is often due to low water levels within the skin. You see your skin has a barrier that slows moisture loss, however, the barrier responsible, called a ‘lipid’ can become low which could lead to lots of moisture loss and once again result in a dry and tight skin.

If a low-level lipid barrier is an issue then it needs to be restored and rehydrated. The theory is that goat milk soaps high cholesterol and fatty acid levels may replace missing fats, whilst providing moisture to encourage better water retention.

It is a Natural Exfoliant

Another alluring factor about goats milk soap is that it contains compounds that help to exfoliate your skin, More research is needed to know how much of an exfoliant it actually is, but Alpha-hydroxy acids are present in goats milk soap through the presence of lactic acid, and have been proven to gently remove the top layer of dead skin cells.,

We hope you enjoyed this feature and that you may consider goats milk soap as part of your regular skincare routine-you may end up very thankful for the naturally occurring benefits!

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